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Skilled Charleston, West Virginia Appellate Lawyer

Resolving Your West Virginia Appellate Case

Herschel “Ned” Rose of the Rose Law Office offers years of experience before appellate courts in West Virginia, including the state’s Court of Appeals. The Court of Appeals hears a wide range of cases, including issues of state and local tax law and tax disputes that affect businesses.

Successful appellate advocacy requires experience, diligence, and perseverance. Mr. Rose first determines the viability of an appeal by thoroughly reviewing the record and identifying all relevant issues. When the appeals process moves forward, he understands how to draft persuasive appellate briefs and how to effectively argue his client’s position before the court when required.

Benefits of Choosing the Rose Law Office for Your West Virginia Appeal

Attorney Rose handles cases on appeal that were originally tried by his firm in the trial courts, as well as appellate cases that were tried by other litigators in the trial courts. Appellate court proceedings are substantially different from trial court proceedings, making it particularly important to retain the services of an attorney who regularly represents clients in appellate proceedings.

  • Extensive appellate experience. In contrast with other experienced trial attorneys who have never handled an appeal, Herschel Rose regularly represents clients in appellate proceedings and has the skills and experience to help navigate even the most complex civil appeals.
  • Excellent oral advocacy skills. A strong appellate case begins with a well-written, polished, and compelling appellate brief, but it doesn’t end there. The best cases on appeal are also argued by an experienced attorney with exceptional oral advocacy skills. At the Rose Law Office, Herschel Rose has honed his oral presentation skills over a long and distinguished career and is continually refining those skills to provide outstanding appellate representation.
  • Outstanding reputation. Years of appearing before West Virginia’s Court of Appeals and other appellate courts have given Herschel Rose a reputation as a fierce advocate, skilled counselor, and outstanding legal practitioner. That reputation precedes him into each appeal he handles, and he strives to make each client’s case worthy of the respect the Rose Law Office receives.

When Your West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals Case Needs Results

As an appellate attorney, Herschel “Ned” Rose has developed strategies for advantageous settlements, defended favorable verdicts, and secured reversals of adverse rulings. For more information about filing or responding to an appeal, contact the Rose Law Office in Charleston for a consultation.