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Dedicated Charleston, West Virginia Attorney Representing State Agencies

Representation of State Agencies in West Virginia

Because state agencies are tasked with enforcing specific laws, they often find themselves involved in a dispute over how rules are created, how they are implemented, or how the results affect both state actors and private parties. When a state agency finds itself facing a legal dispute, Herschel “Ned” Rose, the experienced West Virginia state agency representation attorney at the Rose Law Office, can provide vigorous representation on an agency’s behalf.

The Rose Law Office provides representation for state agencies in single-issue litigation, including:

Tax Matters

A skilled tax attorney, Mr. Rose represents state and local government agencies grappling with tax-related issues. The founder of the Rose Law Office, Herschel “Ned” Rose, served as a West Virginia State Tax Commissioner during his career in tax law.

Policy Matters

State agencies deal with policy as a matter of course, creating the possibility that a policy-related dispute will arise. Mr. Rose can capably assist in a wide range of policy issues.

Implementation of State Policies

A policy may create disputes or legal issues not only when it is developed, but also when it is implemented. The Rose Law Office assists West Virginia state agencies with matters that arise at all stages of the policy process.

Representation in Circuit, State, or Federal Court

The court responsible for hearing a particular state-agency issue depends on a number of factors, including the identity of the agency and the type of policy or rule in play. At the Rose Law Office, Mr. Rose is a skilled state agency representation attorney with experience handling cases in West Virginia’s state trial courts, in federal district court, and in appellate courts. Regardless of which tribunal will hear an agency’s dispute, the firm’s solid reputation and Mr. Rose’s years of experience are available to establish the case.

Focused, Dedicated Representation

Attorney Herschel Rose of the Charleston-based Rose Law Office has honed his skills in representing state agencies through years of experience in tax law, policy development, and administration. He brings a number of litigation and negotiation skills to the table, including:

  • Practical experience. Rose Law Office founder Herschel “Ned” Rose served as West Virginia State Tax Commissioner in the 1980s. That experience provides him with unique insight into the workings of state agencies, their needs, and the options available to them.
  • Statewide representation. The firm’s Charleston office places it in proximity to the state agencies that operate from West Virginia’s capital. However, Mr. Rose represents state agencies in state and federal courts throughout West Virginia.
  • Outstanding reputation. The Rose Law Office and its skilled attorney have developed an outstanding reputation in the representation of state agencies. Mr. Rose is well-known and well-respected before West Virginia’s courts, within its agencies, and among his professional peers, and he strives to maintain or exceed his solid reputation in every case he handles.

The Dedication and Experience You Need

At the Rose Law Office, Herschel Rose’s goal is to provide thorough, quality representation on each state agency issue he handles. Contact the Rose Law Office today to learn more about the firm’s services in this area.