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Skilled Charleston, West Virginia Mediation Lawyer Protects Your Interests

Mediation in Charleston and Throughout West Virginia

Not every case needs to go to trial, and not every party wants to incur the considerable time and expense of proceeding to trial. Mediation offers the chance to resolve some or all of the issues a case involves, streamlining any remaining litigation or eliminating the need for litigation altogether. Herschel Rose, the experienced West Virginia mediation attorney at the Rose Law Office, can help you successfully mediate a dispute.

Neutral Third-Party Mediator

Mr. Rose has extensive experience in mediation and currently serves as a neutral third-party mediator in a range of disputes, including issues involving tax law, insurance settlements, and other matters.

As a neutral third party, Mr. Rose does not represent any of the parties in the mediation. Instead, he works with both parties without advocating the position of either one, helping them to find common ground and reach an acceptable resolution.

A skilled West Virginia mediator, Herschel Rose has basic and advanced training in mediation and has served as a mediator and arbitrator in a number of alternative dispute resolution situations, including West Virginia insurance cases.

Real Experience, Real Results

Herschel Rose of the Rose Law Office has honed his skills as a mediator through years of experience in mediation, in litigation, and in the practice of law. He offers the following mediation skills:

  • Focus on the issues. Having represented parties in mediation, Mr. Rose understands the importance of a neutral third-party mediator who focuses on the issues and actively listens without judgment to the needs and demands of each party. He employs these skills when working with parties.
  • Reality-testing. Mediation is most successful when the parties can not only reach a mutually agreeable decision, but when the decision they reach will work in the real world. With years of experience in mediation, Herschel Rose knows how to evaluate proposed settlements to ensure they are realistic for the parties, their budgets, and the court.
  • Reducing costs. Mediation can reduce the time, money, and hard work that go into a case by helping the parties resolve their issues at an early stage and without the resource commitment of a trial. Even if some issues remain after mediation, reducing the number of contentious points helps the case move forward more quickly, with a focus on the source of the difficulties.

Charleston, West Virginia Mediator Gets Results

At the Rose Law Office, attorney Herschel “Ned” Rose is a hardworking mediator who can help you deal with even the most complex situations involving multiple issues. Contact him today to learn more about the mediation service he offers.