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Author Archives: Herschel "Ned" Rose

How COVID-19 Might Affect Your Estate Tax Planning

It should not take a pandemic to remind us all of our own mortality and the need to plan for our loved ones. However, the lethal spread of the COVID-19 virus highlights why it is so important to have a sound strategy in place to minimize taxes and maximize the value of your estate. We… Read More »

Due to COVID-19, the IRS Pushes Tax Deadline Back to July 15

  The traditional tax day of April 15 has passed and millions of Americans are taking advantage of the three-month reprieve given by the federal government and many states in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Depending on your individual circumstances, you might be looking to file as quickly as possible in order to collect your… Read More »

Potential Tax Effects Associated with the CARES Act Stimulus

Since March, federal and state governments have engaged in a variety of methods designed to safeguard Americans’ health and financial security in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. At any time, taxes have a direct impact on our lives, so it’s natural that some of the key provisions of the recently passed Coronavirus Aid, Relief,… Read More »

The Sound And The Fury

When I paid for my foot-long black forest ham subway on whole wheat yesterday, I pay $5.33 instead of the usual $5.30. I realized immediately that the new Charleston sales and use tax had kicked in and the end of the world, as we know it, was rapidly approaching. Despite its fairly modest position in… Read More »

To Kill a Mockingbird

Last week, I argued a property tax appeal before the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals. The issue involved the valuation of reserve coal seams and the proper role for the County assessor in the assessment of that type property. In West Virginia, reserve coal properties are valued by the State Tax Commissioner using the… Read More »